HOUSING IS HEALTH: ACORN Demand the Government Step Up for Tenant’s Welfare.

Nottingham Acorn were one of many local groups across the UK to participate in a national day of action against homelessness and rent debt today. Clubs from Manchester to Bristol along with members around the country have posted their support for the #housingishealth campaign.

The campaign was launched in response to the government’s intention to lift current measures banning evictions despite the fact that thousands of tenants will still struggle to pay their rent due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Whilst the government’s ban on eviction proceedings has been beneficial, it will not stop a wave of fresh eviction notices once the ban is lifted. This is why ACORN have demanded six measures to help renters, lodgers and mortgage holders at this crucial time.

ACORN Nottingham banner drop in support of the #housingishealth campaign

ACORN writes, “everybody has a right to housing and everybody has a duty to stop the spread of the virus.” They go on to say, “rent debt, evictions and homelessness are a serious threat to the health of individuals and the wellbeing of wider society.”

Alex Nowicki of, Chair of ACORN Nottingham, told Periscope Nottingham, “we have to resist the dangerous housing conditions that are present in Nottingham.”

ACORN Cardiff supporting the #housingishealth campaign

Earlier this month ACORN, alongside the London Renters Union, MPs, and other unions and activists, wrote an open letter to the government urging them to suspend rent immediately, cancel all rent debt and protect renters from eviction. While we await the government’s final decision Periscope Nottingham would like to extend our full solidarity with ACORN and their great work.

To get involved with ACORN, the community union, or join the campaign you can visit their website here.

By George Sullivan

History and History of Art student Uni of Nottingham // Nottingham Labour Students Co Chair //

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