Labour Party and Its Discontents: Time for Exodus

Corruption, racism, backstabbing, red scare and communist hunting reminiscing the executions ordered by the German Social Democratic Party to purge communists and their leaders in 1919, only this time with sinister political character assassinations by feeding Corbyn and Abbott to the right wing Media-Freikorps and cartel like cover-up operations to undermine the voice of the working class.

All of these come into the limelight after the Labour Leaks on April the 12th. The right wingers of the party who saw the party as rightfully theirs, started plotting a countercoup against Corbyn and his allies starting from the 2017 general election as seen below on these extracts from the leaked report.

After the rally in Islington, staff cheer on the violence committed against left-wing MPs.

These extracts from the transcripts show us three things:

  1. A number of senior party officials engaged in a plot to overthrow Jeremy Corbyn by deliberately working against a Labour victory in the 2017 General Elections and thus casting shadows of doubt on Corbyn’s viability and electability as the Prime Minister and the leader of the Labour Party.
  2. A large part of the party situated on the centre left to the right wing (Blairites and co.) tried to actively undermine the efforts to win the General Elections and the dedicated campaigners from all types of working class and BAME backgrounds whose livelihoods depended on Labour winning in 2017 with a very popular manifesto.
  3. There was an agenda of “Trotskyist-Hunting” in various CLPs across the country, as well as in the senior management. This was mostly done by using red scare and filing illegitimate anti-semitism claims towards members (half of all the anti-semitism complaints were filed by 1 party member who is not of Jewish descent) who voiced concern over Israel’s far-right government. The red scare tactic is one that is commonly used by social democratic parties which do not want to see working class movements enact meaningful change certainly because they are a part of the capitalist and imperialist Megamachine.

We have also seen the sadistic racist bullying that Dianne Abbott was subjected to by her own colleagues and the right-wing media (which is only a part of the series of racist bullying campaigns ran by right-wing Murdoch-owned media outlets in order to make a spectacle out of her), as well as the political character assassination of Corbyn by alleging that he is an anti-Semite, and whilst asking for an investigation in the party, actively blocking the proceedings of the investigation as an act of sabotage.

The mainstream media owned by right-wing moguls in a holy alliance with the sabotaging forces of the Labour Party aristocracy, the Lib Dems, and the Tories have created a spectacle so strong and hypnotising that the working class in England ended up handing over one of their only chances to enact meaningful change for their lives in the realms of electoral politics to the hands of Tories (and oh how the Labour right-wingers cheered!).

Those of us who still want to not only change things incrementally, but be unapologetically radical in our demands and not settle for anything less than what the working class deserves, already know that the working class alone must be the one to take the lead in the battle against austerity and all the governments that helped the Thatcherisation of the economy (this includes the Labour Party too, calling it Blair’s fault will not make it go away).                    

And comrades, if you had not already heard, the Labour Party is no longer a platform of the working class for the working class and there is doubt as to it ever being that way and not a middle-class socialist movement instead as Marx identified in the prevailing social democratic parties of his time (curious that not much has changed in the so-called socialist circles).                          

It has become merely the breeding ground for right-wing middle-class careerist politicians and Thatcherite social democrats whose only interests are themselves and their friends. These people do not care about your lives, they categorically do not give a fuck about you regardless of their rehearsed “we care for the working class” speeches. Sir Keir Starmer (his Lordship) and the rest of the Labour aristocrats which include the supposed opportunist left-wing grifters who position themselves as revolutionaries but will immediately tell their audience to stay in Labour to fight (Fight for what? Fight so that THEY can keep on profiting from their position and investment in the Labour Party). The transcripts show us exactly this.

As an anarchist, I have been tooting the horn for the exodus from the Labour Party and electoral politics for a long time. The need to leave electoral politics and thus the Labour Party behind has not been more urgent seeing these documents. However, as comrades would know, us anarchists and communists have been saying the same thing about Labour Party for decades. So, these leaks do not surprise us, nor do they devastate us, instead they come to us as powerful ammunition against the reactionary elements in the so-called “socialist” movement. The more time, energy and physical (as well as emotional) labour that is spent on the party of the opportunist middle class, the more the revolutionary spirit will fade, be sublimated and neutralised. Staying and trying to salvage the party is only going to make the next electoral loss even more painful and as soon as revolutionaries put their hopes on electoral politics, the cyclical loss that they will experience makes them lose all motivation. The bondage of motivation to electoral cycles is one of amongst many things that can burn revolutionaries out and subvert them from their real objectives, that being the revolution.

Many of the new generation of radical leftists in the Labour Party like reading and banging on about Mark Fisher’s book “Capitalist Realism: Is there no Alternative?” (some may call this the bible of social democrats who think they are radicals), but they are the same ones when push comes to shove to tell us to “Keep fighting the good fight comrade! We must not give up on the working-class movement!”. They are the same ones who cannot escape Electoral Realism ( meaning it is easier for us to imagine the end of the world rather than the end of electoral politics) who cannot take the step outside of the realm of the known, who cannot imagine a radically different future that involves our absolute liberation. With the planet turning into a ball of flames, the sacrifice of UK inhabitants in the name of the economy during the current COVID-19 outbreak, the shambolic electoral defeat of Labour, his Lordship Starmer being elected new leader and to put the cherry on top of the pie, the Labour leaks – we must recognise the Labour Party and Its Discontents as clear as they are, irreparable and infested with reactionary elements that serve the ruling ideology.

Of course, I will not end this article in which I call for an exodus from the Labour Party without suggesting alternatives.

  1. Join a tenants/community union, if you do not have one operating in your area, you can either set up a branch of an existing union or form your own union on your own rules with the active participation from the community.
  2. Join and create radical trade unions.
  3. Practice radical mutual aid in your own communities. This might involve setting up informal food banks, reconnecting with the community, and practicing community healing – a feeling and need that has vanished from our lives long ago.
  4. Search out for the anti-fascist networks in your city and try to get involved.

Just like the electoralists love repeating every election time “Every vote matters!”, as a total dialectical negation of this I say “None of your votes matter! But EVERY person who leaves the realm of Electoral Realism matters, for there we will build the movement for the working class!”.

Author’s Edit: In this article I have coined the term and the concept of “Electoral Realism” being inspired by Mark Fisher’s “Capitalist Realism“, which itself is uncapable of addressing Electoral Realism and falls short as a critique of contemporary capitalist mindset (or just neoliberalism as Mark misleadingly suggested). Electoral Realism is the inability to imagine a future outside of the realm of electoral politics. It is tantamount to thinking it is more likely that one would see the end of the world in their lifetimes rather than the end of electoral politics. Capitalist Realism cannot be escaped without stepping out of Electoral Realism, they are very much a part of the same thing and both have to be overcome at the same time or one can never really imagine nor realise a radically different future. I hope this is not just a “15 minutes of fame” moment in critical theory for me, but just a start of what is yet to come.

By feralspeeds

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