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In the World of COVID, Technology Is Not Our Friend

In Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish, he argues that a pandemic was the best time, for the state, to institute a panopticon on society – a society in which, power could be exercised, not through force or violence, rather via surveillance: “The plague-stricken town, transverse throughout with hierarchy, surveillance, observation, writing; the town immobilized by […]

Right-Wingers Love Child Abuse

It is wrong to suggest that right-leaning people are more likely to commit child abuse. The causes of sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children are incredibly complex and every community is blighted by it to a similar degree. Undeniably, right-wingers love talking about how they want to do terrible things to its perpetrators. However, […]

Without Community, There Is No Labour

In this guest article for Periscope Nottingham, Broxtowe Labour Party Youth Officer Sophia Buxton writes about her experiences as part of the group of local activists that have been putting the ideas of community organising into practice during the COVID crisis.  Solidarity is about having a positive presence in the community, and this is the […]

Crime without Punishment: Slavery and Capitalism

There are currently an estimated 40 million people enslaved in the world, more than half the population of the UK today. Justine Nolan and Martin Boersma in their book Addressing Modern slavery point out that due to the general global abolition of slavery its nature, features and telling signs have changed. To understand slavery in the modern […]

A Pretty Horrible Deal: Exploitative Conditions of PhD Research

In a guest article for Periscope Nottingham Keir Birchall discusses the exploitation of PHD students and the privileged position universities exploit to get them to work for free. Since the introduction of university tuition fees in 1998 marketisation has run rampant through the higher education sector. Over the past two decades, undergraduate numbers exploded so […]

Covid-19: Understanding the Immune Response

Covid-19 continues to spread globally, in many places unabated. From the first origins of the disease in Wuhan, Chinese scientists have been rushing to find an effective immune based treatment and vaccine. In order to do so the immune response of the virus must be fully understood. How does the human immune system Function normally? […]


The UK’s higher education system is one of our most illustrious exports; consistently dominating global league tables for research and, most importantly, teaching. The University of Nottingham with its Russell Group status and campuses across two continents is no exception; at least for now. Due to financial strain caused by the Coronavirus epidemic UoN has […]


Cyberculture to Counterculture – Fred Turner This is my favourite book of the year. This book seeks to answer the question: why do technology and the internet have a symbolic connection with ‘hip’ culture, LSD and eastern spirituality? What it finds is that the values of the new communalists in the 60s have values that […]

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