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Spain’s Democratic Transition is Backsliding

Biel Schreuder Obiols discusses the scandals that have exacerbated a crumbling sense of democracy in Spain. Over recent months in Spain, the behaviour of the state has become increasingly outlandish, absurd and sinister. Despite the current government being one comprised of the centre-left Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) and the far-left Unidas Podemos (UP), their […]

No Pasaran (But No Thanks to Labour)

Every time the fascists decide to show themselves and walk through our streets, as  happened on August 22nd, it presents us (antifascists and antiracists) with a unique opportunity to come into physical contact with them. It’s always good to fight them and shout ‘Nazi Scum’. Their marches allow us to see their banners and faces, […]

Far-right demonstrators in Nottingham. August 22nd 2020

A Journalistic Failure

Imagine you are the editor of a city newspaper. A march for “kids & veterans” is planned in your city by someone who has just posted a video making threats to kill Family Court Judges and “wipe out” Antifa protesters. The video is shared on numerous far-right social media channels including those run by far-right […]

In the World of COVID, Technology Is Not Our Friend

In Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish, he argues that a pandemic was the best time, for the state, to institute a panopticon on society – a society in which, power could be exercised, not through force or violence, rather via surveillance: “The plague-stricken town, transverse throughout with hierarchy, surveillance, observation, writing; the town immobilized by […]

Right-Wingers Love Child Abuse

It is wrong to suggest that right-leaning people are more likely to commit child abuse. The causes of sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children are incredibly complex and every community is blighted by it to a similar degree. Undeniably, right-wingers love talking about how they want to do terrible things to its perpetrators. However, […]

Without Community, There Is No Labour

In this guest article for Periscope Nottingham, Broxtowe Labour Party Youth Officer Sophia Buxton writes about her experiences as part of the group of local activists that have been putting the ideas of community organising into practice during the COVID crisis.  Solidarity is about having a positive presence in the community, and this is the […]

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